WOK Talk

Today we are going to play WOK Talk on TOK lesson. Yesterday my students were writing essays on ways of knowing and today I want them to have a little fun and play with them finding connections and practising their oral discussion skills. It is an activity taken from the TOK Course Companion by Oxford Pub. For each round you need a time keeper, a speaker and a judge. Each 3 of students gets a pile of 8 Woks. The speaker draws 2 WoKs and has 20 sec of prep time and 1 min of speaking time on how they interact. The speaker needs to speak non stop and give as many examples from AoK and personal knowledge as possible but also explain how they help or hinder one another. The judge marks the speaker and can award him up to 10 points (2 for every connection and example, one for speaking non stop and one extra for being lively or funny). The judge has 20 seconds to award the points. After that all participants of the group can add additional ideas for another minute and the turn for being a speaker goes left. Should be fun!


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