Teacher of the 21st century

Not a long time ago I found out that I will not have as many TOK teaching hours as I though as I am not a good TOK teacher according to my Headmaster. I was surprised at first, emotional after a while and angry at the very end. I felt worthless. I didn’t know what to do but there was nothing else left than fight for some teaching hours and accept it for now. I will have one group in the 11th grade and one in 12th. That’s fine.

When I was drowning myself in depression I thought of the qualities of the good teacher. And then I remembered a conference I attended in June 2013. It was called Inspirations 2013 and was organised by Marcin Polak and Edunews.pl. In his opening speach Marcin talked about desilting of Polish schools  and listed some characteristics of best teachers. Listening to him I had the impression that I listen to an extract from the idea that is promoted by the International Baccalaureate (IBO). I love the school with the IBO twist so I though I would write an article about it. That’s how “The profile of the 21st century teacher” article was created.

I was preparing myself for holidays when a snowball effect started. Firstly Edunews published my article. Some other educational blogs mentioned it: Cyfrowi Tubylcy, NoDramawithDrama. I think it is a big success for the worst teacher ever!



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