The whole truth about school

I really enjoyed watching this film staring Lechosław Hojnacki who described the reality of nowadays school. He compared the Polish school to a chariot on a highway. We are trying to improve it but it still looks funny on a highway. He also compared the school to a storage room where you can leave your child under the care of well-educated people. It’s all very true. We have a lot of burnout teachers, we have a lot of teachers who cannot use a computer – how they can work with students who use their cell phones without looking at them and have ipods, ipads and hq cameras? Last year I was working in Cracow over the project “Teaching and learning from an International Perspective”. The biggest success of that project was awaking the teachers who took part in it and making them enthusiastic about education again. But one of the small successes was that the teacher who could not turn on the computer bought herself one and even hooked it to the internet! It is amazing that such teachers still exist. Working in a private school I couldn’t believe it. My school is not perfect but it’s trying to stay up to date with the technology. For sure most of the lessons are very interesting and students in majority like going to school.

How to stay motivated? How to change the school?

Watch (in Polish):


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